My photographic career started of humble beginnings with my parent’s old Kodak 126-cartridge snapshot camera that required flashcubes!  Film, flashcubes, and film processing was quite expensive in those days.  Imagine having to send your film out for processing and being happy when your pictures where back in 1 week’s time!

My first SLR camera was a Canon AE-1.   This camera allowed me to be creative with interchangeable lenses and flashes.  I burned countless rolls of film on that camera right up until I purchased my first digital camera.  The Nikon Coolpix 990 … I was in awe that you could really take a picture and digitally download it to your computer immediately with no outside processing.  This changed my craft forever.

My favorite subjects to shoot are scenic landscapes, architecture, abstract art, wildlife, and of course pets.  Amazingly, I find pets to be the greatest challenge at times but they provide some of the most memorable images.   Animals can create such expression and evoke powerful emotions when captured in an image.

My personal philosophy about photography is simple.  I want to share the essence of my personal experience at the moment my shutter clicks to capture an image.   I have been blessed to be able to travel to many distant places and create some truly memorable images.   I enjoy traveling the world to experience a variety of cultures and capture the flavor of my experience through my lens.

This way I can share my experiences with those who may never reach those far away destinations.  Now, I am branching my art and skill out as a professional photographer.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: Proudly shooting since: 1976.


  • Scenic Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Wildlife
  • Abstract Art & Physical Structures
  • Pet Photography
  • Travel Photography