Biology beats technology!

Getting this shot was a contrast ratio nightmare!  You are on a tropical island with varying bright sunlight and mixed cloud cover.  Then you have this “little” guy come crawling up out of the ocean onto a white beach and lightly colored rocks.  I could have done a bracket exposure for an HDR shot.  Instead I tried a somewhat purist approach to decrease the contrast ratio by utilizing a -0.5 exposure compensation accompanied by a small amount of dialed back fill flash.  Though I liked the exposure at the time it was shot (the .jpg view on the camera once again burns you) … when I saw it on the computer screen I was disappointed.  The background was still terribly over exposed and the iguana basically blended into the environment.

Well I work a little computer magic to make the shot more acceptable.  Amazing that the human eye still has contrast ratio perception that is at least 2 times that of the top end digital cameras!  Biology still beats technology!

By the way this critter was not that small and was only about 5 feet from me and getting any closer was not an option.  Despite their somewhat prehistoric appearance they can be rather colorful depending on the surrounding environment.  That large tail they have is used for defense and the closer I got the more twitchy that tail became … note to self avoid the sharp whipping tail of the iguana!