Whale of a shot!

This is one of luckiest shots I have ever been able to capture.   While vacationing in Alaska, I decided to take a wildlife photography tour that include a whale watching component.  Most of the shots that was able to get were of tail flukes sinking below the surface or whales coming to the surface to breath before deep diving to feed.

The leader of our tour and the boat captain were focusing on activity on the opposite side of the craft.  Everyone was busy clicking pictures of water shooting from blow holes, seals in the water, and whale tails.   For some reason some bubbles and currents on the water caught me eye on the opposite side of the boat.  I just decided to focus on the area above and shot at high speed continuous … low and behold this mother whale breached the surface!

To the dismay of the photo tourists with me … I was the only one to capture this shot!  This picture still amazes me every time I look at it.  I just wish I had better glass that could have reached out and captured the whale in greater detail.