Disney Castle Inspiration

Several years ago I made a jump across the pond to Europe.  First, I pose this question, why do they call it jumping across the pond?  I really have not heard of any pond extending some 3,000 miles across!

Anyway, I made a trip to Germany to one search for the origins of my family’s ancestors and also to see the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s design for the castle in his California and Florida amusement parks.  This was another one of those serendipitous photographic events in life.  The night I arrived in Fussen, Germany the skies were clouded over and the temperature was pretty cold for a Floridian … zero degree Celsius (32 degrees F)!  Fortunately, the years I spent growing up in the Northeast US and living in Kansas allowed me to accumulate appropriate winter gear for this trip.

Upon awakening the next morning I was greeting by 12 inches of fresh new powdery snow.  Neuschwanstein Castle sits up at the base of northern Alps and upon the town of Fussen.  I arrived at the castle at 0800 hrs local time to find it shrouded in fog, but the surrounding forest was coated in fresh white snow!  I could not have asked for better fortune on this trip.  I shot so many pictures at this site, hiked outside the safe boundaries to capture this image and many others of the castle, mountains, and country side of south eastern Germany.

If I had arrived just 24 hours early,  the pictures of the castle would have been average and lacking contrast.  The leaves were off the trees and the country side was barren brown.  What luck!