Silken Flowing Waterfall


Serendipity is how I describe this shot.   I was driving through the mountains in western North Carolina in March.   Unfortunately, most of the Blue Ridge Highway had not reopened due to late season heavy snowfalls.   So, to make the best use of my time I set on the country roads that  crisscrossed over the mountain range.

As I was passing over a small bridge I noticed this waterfall.  Since I was driving up a rather narrow and twisting road, I had to wait until I reached the summit about 3 miles down the road to find a location that I could turn around.

When I got back to this spot, I hiked up a small deer path about 1/4 mile and found all these rocks covered with moss in what was a rather barren landscape of late winter and early spring.

Several factors of luck played into capturing this image.  One, the fact that the Blue Ridge Highway was closed forced me to alter my plan and search out other opportunities to capture images.   Of course I could have just packed up after day one and went home, but that really was not an option that I considered!  Two,  traveling the less traveled path allowed me to see areas that tourist might not generally have the chance to experience.  Third,  my good fortune of not having tree cover … allowed these falls to be visible and spotted from the road.   Once the trees are covered with leaves at this location lighting would be very poor and in all likelihood these falls would be obscured, if not completely hidden by the foliage!

Lemons or lemonade?  Only you can only decide this for yourself.  Murphy has a way of exerting his sneaky little influence on the best laid out plans sometimes!